• A strict limit of one cat or one dog (maximum 20 pounds) per unit.
    • We require papers from your Veterinarian indicating the pet has had all of the needles required as well as neutered and/or spayed.
    • Exotic animals will not be permitted (snakes, monkeys, tarantulas etc.) nor farm or wild animals.
    • All pets will be governed by the municipal by-law for health and care of household pets.
    • The tenants have full repsonsibity for the actions of their pets. When outside of the unit, pets must be supervised and on a leash.
    • All pet droppings (inside and outside the unit) must be removed immediately by the pet owner. Litter boxes, cages etc. must be properly maintained and kept odor- free.
    • Pets causing bodily harm by biting or scratching or attempting to bite may be ordered permanently removed from the unit within forty-eight hours.
    • No pet owner shall permit a pet to create noise or similar disturbance for such a period of time that aggravate neighbors.
    • In cases where doubt exists, favor will be shown to the person alleging the complaint.
    • Each pet owner is responsible for all interior/or exterior damages caused by their pet which would require repairs, cleaning or replacement as deemed necessary by the Management.
    • If, in the opinion of the Management, an inspection of a unit is warranted, persons designated by the Management shall be permitted to enter the unit on 48 hours notice.
    • Following the inspection, the tenant will be given a list of repairs (if any) and a date for a follow-up inspection will be set.
If reasonable care of the property and/or supervision of pet by pet owner are not evident to the Management, the situation shall be treated as a violation of this agreement.

Tenants with pets are required to sign this agreement prior to/or time of moving into Father Eugene O'Leary Seniors Complex.

In the event of a descrepency with this copy of the agreement posted on the website, the copy you signed will take precedence.