October 2016

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Fr. Eugene O'Leary Seniors Apartment Complex
Fall 2016

Three years ago – October 01, 2013, Fr. O’Leary Seniors Apartment Complex opened its doors to the community. Judy Huggard is our Charter Tenant being the first to take up residence with us on that day three years ago. Thanks Judy.

O’Leary Wellness Garden
What we had hoped for certainly came to be. Our tenants certainly took advantage of this new opportunity to enjoy the planting and growing season. The Tomato plants were something else! As a result of the garden’s popularity we will be enlarging the garden next spring to accommodate six additional planters. Names are being taken by the office, we already have 11 planters booked for 2017.

We have reached out to our sign provider on numerous occasions to have the sign for the gazebo and the Wellness Garden designed and delivered – to no avail. We will determine the problem and have the signs installed before the spring season.

Building Maintenance and Upkeep
We believe we have finally corrected most of the construction issues and have finally reached a point where the building seems to being running smoothly. We are grateful for that. We address a concern immediately for the benefit of everyone, tenant – owner alike.

Anniversary/Thanksgiving Celebration
Better late than never! With so many commitments in our daily life and previously committed dates we have been able to secure Saturday, October 22, 2016 as the date for this combined suppertime celebration funded by Council 6595. We are in the planning stages with our Ladies Auxiliary and Dianne Blackwell to provide a Cold Cut supper with all of the trimmings. (Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef, Potato Salad, Rolls, Condiments, Desert, Tea & Coffee). Keep the date open – more information to follow.

Exercise Classes have begun on Saturday mornings – funded by Council 6595. Other forms of entertainment are in the planning stages as well. Stay tuned!

We want to welcome Eleanor back to our family after her extended stay in the hospital. Eleanor is wheeling a new modern walker with her winnings from the Chase the Ace. Congratulations and welcome back. We missed you.

Minor changes with the building – we have contracted with IRVING to deliver Natural Gas to the building at a reduced cost from Enbridge. We continue to convert our building to LED technology all in attempts to cut our overhead. Even with these attempts our costs continue to raise – Gas, Electricity, Taxes, and Maintenance. That’s the downside.

Beth Roy will be showing a few apartments to interested individuals rather than having an open house. We have a substantial waiting list for the O’Leary Building thanks to Beth’s efforts and we appreciate that.

O’Leary Court
Council 6595 has been working behind the scenes with a contractor to develop plans for our land at the corner of Eugene’s’ Way and Loch Lomond Road. There has been a lot of interest in this proposed development with app. 30 names on our unofficial waiting list. As can be expected with any development, much planning is required and that is the story of the day. We are moving forward with our plans with hopes of seeing construction of our Council Building and a Deluxe Seniors Apartment Building in the spring of 2017.

Crosswalk Lights
We are planning a thank you social with our City Councilors (East) City Traffic Department, Mayor, MLA’s etc. to express out thanks for the “Cadillac” set of cross walk lights and painted crosswalk at the foot of Eugene’s Way crossing Loch Lomond Road. Job well done and we wish to publically thank the City and all those involved in this project, Carol Field our tenants etc.

Thank you – to all of you - our tenants - for making the O’Leary building such a success and creating a family and community atmosphere.

Board of Directors

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