Common Areas and Features

We are proud of our park like setting and the Community area we have created in and around the building. We are also paying attention to the safety of out tenants.

Front Entrance

Welcome to our wheelchair accessible secure front entrance. In the vestibule area there is a bench where you can sit while waiting for a taxi or friend to come and pick you up.

Front Lobby

Sit and relax in our front lobby area and chat with your fellow tenants. Background music is provided.

You will find the front lobby decorated accordingly for seasonal occasions.


There is a Community Room conveniently located on the first level. This room contains a washroom and kitchenette, with a small fridge, microwave and sink.

There is also a bookcase where tenants can share books with other tenants.

Community Room

Come and enjoy some time working on a jigsaw puzzle or taking part in organized social events such as card parties, playing Knights of Columbus TV Bingo, or a movie night.


The outside of the building has been landscaped with grass, flowerbeds and trees. Not to mention the great view of the surrounding area.

Stairs and Benches

On a nice day have a sit on the bench and watch the bustle of traffic along Loch Lomond road while you relax.

Stairs and Benches

The security of our tenants is of utmost importance to us. The front door is locked and can be opened by either a key or by simply holding the provided keychain fob next to the sensor beside the door.

Guests can look your name up on the interactive panel beside the door, your apartment number is NOT identified on the list. They can buzz you from the panel and you will be able to unlock the door for them using your phone. You also have the option to see the person on your television before deciding to unlock the door.

CCTV and Sprinkler

The entrances, lobby area and hallways are covered by closed circuit security cameras for your security and protection.

The building also has a sprinkler system in all areas for fire suppression.


In the front lobby there is an automated external defibrillator (AED) available.


Enjoy outdoor relaxing and chats with your friends and neighbours in our Gazebo.

Wellness Garden

New for 2016 we have added a Community Wellness Garden for the use and enjoyment of our tenants.

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