Catholic Gentlemen from the parishes of St. Ann's Catholic Church and Stella Maris Catholic Church, both in East Saint John, combined their efforts and formed Council 6595 Saint John East in 1974, some forty years ago.

As a means of raising funds to support the needy of the parishes and the city, Council 6595 began holding Bingo games in the basement of St. Ann's Catholic Church. As television became more popular the council decided to host weekly bingo games on the local TV station. Thus the beginning of today's Bingo on Rogers TV each Thursday evening.

The success of the TV Bingo has provided the Council with the funds to support the community at large by returning app. $100,000.00 each year to all needy causes such as , Heart, Lung, CNIB, Cancer, Crones & Colitis, Food Banks, Soup Kitchens, Children's school milk programs etc. as well as supporting individuals in need with financial support.

Having been made aware of the success of Seniors Apartment Complexes sponsored by the Knights of Columbus on the West Coast of Canada, Fr. Eugene O'Leary Council 6595 began the process to investigate the possibility of constructing a like facility in East Saint John.

In May of 2009 council 6595 began in earnest to move forward with our plans to construct such a complex. A portion of our Bingo funds had been put aside for just such a possibility. Two and one half years later we have a prime piece of land on Loch Lomond Road just past the intersection of the Hickey Road. Four and one half acres of virgin land in a park like setting.

To date all of the required studies, testing, permits etc. have been completed totally paid for by council 6595. A new City street will be constructed leading to the apartment building honoring the name of our beloved parish priest - Eugene's Way, and the building will be called Fr. Eugene O'Leary Seniors Apartment Complex!

Council 6595 formed a Company for just such a venture in 2004. Columbian Charities Council 6595 (2004) Inc. is managed by a Board of elected council members who are governed by a constitution and bylaws. As with any project the Board has contributed so many volunteer hours to see their dream become a reality and the beginning of construction is in sight.

So many individuals and Companies have worked with us to make the building a reality;
  • Rick Turner - Hughes Survey and Development
  • Peter MacKenzie - Comeau MacKenzie Architecture
  • Fred Dixon - Project Manager - Comprop Ltd.
  • David Roy - David Roy Consulting - Environmental
  • Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Debly
  • Mr. Ken Forest - City of Saint John Planning
  • Mark Reade - Senior Planner, City of Saint John
  • Toby Bodechon - NB Housing
  • Fr. Peter Stephen - St. Joachim's Parish (Company Office)
  • David O'Brien - Remax Reality
  • Peter Jollymore - Consultant
  • John Martin - John Martin & Associates - C.A.
Council 6595 is determined to make our Seniors Apartment Complex one to be envied. Special attention is being paid to all aspects of construction so that all of our seniors needs are met. Being non-profit and not for profit the Knights are planning to have additional buildings on the property as time goes forward.

We look forward to continuing to support the needy in our community for years to come either through financial assistance or by providing decent housing.

We look forward to occupancy in early fall of 2013.